Terms & Conditions of Sales

1- CHARGES AND CONDITIONS OF SEASONAL RENTING The rented accommodation is allowed for only 13 persons according to the normal availability of bedding inside. 

2 - The Lessor has to deliver the rent premises in good condition of use, maintenance and repairs. He has to assure the Tenant a quiet use of the premises and protect him against any defect that could be an obstacle to it. 
3- The inventory of fixture, state of furniture and good functioning of the facilities will be noted by the Tenant. In the case he notes some anomalies, bad working or deterioration, he has to bring it to the Lessor's attention within the 24 hours after he get into the place. If not, the rented accommodation is considered in good condition by the Tenant. 
4 - The Tenant will enjoy the place and rent equipment; he is not allowed to modify the nature, purpose and layout. He will assume the rental risks and counterbalance at estimated costs, all loss, damage, deterioration occurred during the time of the rent contract. 
5 - All remodeling (or repairs) to be done during the rent period (not due to manufacturing defect or normal use), all unblocking of sinks, showers, WC, toilets, broken switch, bells, windows, etc… will be charged to the Tenant. 
6 - The rented accommodation includes bed linen and household linen. 
7 - Pets are not accepted. It has to be subject beforehand to a written agreement of the Lessor. 
8 - The renting becomes definitive only after the signature of the Lessor, even a deposit already paid. The total rental cost has to be paid to the Lessor according to the schedule written in this contract, whatever could happen (disease, accident or something unexpected). An exception is made during the Covid 19 epidemic, in the event of confinement of the population or closure of borders between France and other countries.
9 - In the case the consumption levels are considered excessive or disproportionate according to the meter readings noted by the Lessor when the Tenant arrived and left, the amount will be calculated and invoiced at the current and official price of the French water supply company and French electricity supply company (EDF). 
10 -In order to be responsible for any damages that could occur to any objects or furniture in the rented premises, as well as to pay all different costs and excessive consumptions, the Lessor will do a pre authorization on the Tenant's credit card of 700 Euros. This deposit will never be considered as a pre payment of the rental cost and will not generate any interest. After the end of the rental and during 2 weeks, the Lessor is able to notice possible damages not declared during the inventory of fixture by the Tenant, or any missing objects. The Lessor will then inform the Tenant of the noted damages or missing objects after the departure within a period of 72 hours maximum, and will send him the invoice before he withdraws the amount on his credit card. In some cases, the period could be extended: estimations, remodeling, disputes, etc… 
10 - The Tenant will receive codes  before his arrival total the keys in a safe case. The reception is only from 5:00 PM. Return of keys o later than 12 :00 AM (noon), the day of departure. 
The tenant accept to pay with credit card and authorize the lessor to charge his credit card for the anticipation and the balance.
11 - The balance of rent cost must reach the Lessor 30 days before the entrance in the place as set in the furnished accommodation rental contract 
12- The Lessor disclaims all responsibilities in case of stealing or deterioration that occur in the place. Any crossing-out or amendment on the present contract as it has been drew up by the Lessor, will lead to nullity as of right.
13 - Cleaning option 120 € for "la gloire de mon père" house for 9 persons - 150€ for "le temps des secrets" for 13 persons and 270€ if you rent the 2 houses for 22 persons.
The cleaning option don't exempt tenants from leaving the premises, interior and exterior, in a correct state : bins and glasses emptied in the containers reserved for this purpose at the entrance, clean and tidy dishes, refrigerators emptied, beds unmade, no cigarette ends in the garden. The lessor reserves the right to invoice additional cleaning in the event of non compliance withe these rules. It's reminded that the houses are non smoking.

14- Tourist tax : Tourist tax is collected for Carcassonne city : 1,98€ per adult (+ 18 years old) and per day.